Typical Products

Even if, as in all countries sabini, agricultural activity is very limited, the culture of ancestral remains. So you prefer the healthy food and genuine, traditional cuisine, home products, so the wine, meat, game, honey, cheese, oil, and vegetables are chosen in preference to local production.

The Wine
The hills are the crown Collevecchio constitute the ideal exposure for the production of wine and lively frizzantino. A Villa San Giò produces excellent wine, white and red, both made with traditional methods, the press by hand, wooden vats, storage cave in the sixth to everyone dug in the tuff and strictly without preservatives, because not a time to grow, because it is already finished!

The Oil
A Collevecchio oil is produced PDO, really extra eye for detail. Lucilla Mango specializes in the production and bottling of DOP. It is worth visiting its production center where you can follow the various stages of preparation and how to safeguard the authenticity of the product. The oil produced in Sabina is famous for its fragrance, its lightness and lack of acidity that makes it pleasant to taste and rich in benefits for the body. That is why it is preferable to enjoy it raw! The oil of the hill of Villa San Giò has all these characteristics of traditional sabina.

The Honey
Many are in the collevecchiana, beekeepers who delight to raise bees for honey production craft to various tastes.

The Cheese
Any way you choose to enter a Collevecchio, there are many who see flocks graze. Not all pastors are cheese, but if you have the patience to try find flavors that have nothing in common with the industrial production.

The Craft
To the artisans of Collevecchio surroundings and often are true artists. Creative in working with wrought iron, wood, of wicker, pottery and porcelain. A “House Cantoniera” by John Collevecchio there Sanapo wood craftsman, has a visceral love for antique furniture and knows bring to light, all the merits of a piece of furniture that seemed to have lost the original beauty. Almost all the furniture of Villa San Giò have been restored or made by him, seeing is believing!