Spring Festival

Villa San Giò is inside a garden that is not only a garden but a space where the nature is expressed free, in the lines of an essential sketch, to create angles of magic suggestion. Here, between April and June, when every plant brings the winter pregnancy to conclusion it is a show to assist to explode of flowerings and perfumes. In spring, primo vere (first true), the first season of the year, Villa San Giò as the ancient people Sabino, loves to give the welcome one to this season with the Party in the Spring, become by now a tradition. The party gives space to spontaneous melodious and poetic exhibitions, and it culminates with the tasting of original dishes, created for the occasion, rich of colors and tastes proper of the place and of the season; the all accompanied by the good wine of the House, to end with the typical sweets and the digestives that August it pleases him to prepare.