La Sabina

The county Sabina, made immortal by emperors and poets of the ancient Rome it is note as country of beautiful women, because of the “abduction of the sabines”.
Also St. Francis of Assisi has loved her and crossed, electing as own abode some of the most suggestive places. Its name derives from the ancient people of the Sabinis, prone to the art and the contemplation, that it appropriated you in age pre-Roman.

The beauty, natural and landscape, characterized hilly composition of the territory.
To east we see the Appennineses and the Street Salaria, the ancient one “Street of the Salt” that it connects the Sabina to Rome, and to west the Valley Tiberina.
Numerous villages preserve intact the medieval charm of churches, buildings and fortifications surmounted from towers. Ancient suburbs on impracticable high ground, testify the tenacity and the contemplative nature of this people.
Proverbial it is the convivial cordiality of the people Sabino that united to the local productions of eno-gastronomy they make of this region the privileged place for an unforgettable vacation.