Ancient medieval suburb, is attainable in 30 minutes.
The contract of transfer of Fianello to Farfa, formalized in 1036, is guarded in the files of the abbey of Farfa.

The urbanistic structure of the suburb is closed from two doors: mighty the door of access.
The hurch of San Giovanni Battista rises on a side of the only plaza; the medieval Tower in style longobardo with pentagon base (There-VII sec.d.C.) it is found beside the church, it is a rare sample of tower with pentagonal base with coverage to form of sail. On the opposite side of the plaza there is the Building that was of ownership of the Colonna, and few over the monumental Oven.

The Suburb, leaned on a summit and forced in the ancient spaces, it projects the visitor in a remote epoch, thanks also to the wise care of the native ones that, even if emigrated elsewhere, they maintain the culture and the traditions.
Of particular interest is the church of S. Maria Assumed that it rises out of the suburb.
It has origins of the tall middle-age: with unique aisle and altar raised in Romanesque style, as it results from the capitals of the well preserved crypt, drawn by the materials used in the last recent restauration.