Festivals and Celebrations

Collevecchio is a center rich in popular parties and feasts, these cheer over the inhabitants of the place, also tourists and visitors.

By now note it is the Feast of the Tart, with over 200 meters tarts manufactured by the inhabitants of Collevecchio and consumed by everybody, rigorously offered with the good local wine.

The Party of St. Bernardino at the end May; the Feast of the bruschetta, with tasting of the new oil in the month of November and the party of the Patron Sant’Andrea on November 30 with the fair that crowds the streets of the country. Going for wine cellars: in the second weekend of December, tasting of the typical products what: bread and oil, olives, cheeses and local wine.

The parade of the Wagons of Carnival, prepared and decorated by the boys of the country, they exhibit him crossing the streets of Collevecchio.

The Fair of the antiquary develops him to Osteria Nuova on the Street Salaria (40 Kms from Collevecchio), the first Sunday of every month, while the great Fair of Gavignano, the third Sunday and that of Borgonuovo it is on fourth Sundays of every month.