Collevecchio also includes the ancient suburb of Cicignano and Poggio Sommaville, site of great archaeological interest, where recently a Necropolis has been recovered. The first nucleus probably lived of Collevecchio called Colle or Castel Muziano or Mozzano. According to the most documented hypotheses the suburb with the actual name, has risen around the XIII century as it testifies the “Breve” wrote from Innocenzao IV in 1253, that granted to the inhabitants of Mozzano to move themselves “ad Castrum Colavetus nuncupatur”. Initially under the protection of the Pontifical State, Collevecchio passed subsequently under the control of the family Orsini; in the year 1594 extinguished him the Orsini, returned to the Pontifical State. From 1605 to 1795 it was center of the Governor of the Sabina; in the pediment of the building that was of the governors, we can see today still the coat of arms of the Orsini.

In the historical center we can find the Building Pistolini, attributed to the Vignola, over the Building Piacentini attributed to Anthonio da Sangallo the Young one. Of notable merit is the church of Saint Maria dell’annunziata, built in the XIII century; the damaged bell tower strongly and reconstructed, preserve intact the primitive charm: it goes up again in fact to the X century.

The Convent that belonged to the Monks Cappuccini, with the church devoted to Sant’Andrea, patron of Collevecchio, has been built in 1595. In the refectory of the convent we can admire restored a fresco of the XVI century, that represents the Epiphany, attributed to the Venetian School.